2021 second half year-end review and 2022 preview

In the second half of 2021, the 134th Ohio General Assembly focused on the state legislative and congressional redistricting process and finishing work on a wide variety of legislation dealing with topics such as sports gaming, COVID-19 and telehealth. The legislature returns in mid-January for a busy winter and spring schedule with priorities including the capital budget, appropriating more federal COVID-19 relief funding and more.

Politically, all statewide constitutional offices, a United States Senate seat, all of the congressional seats, all Ohio House seats and half of the Ohio Senate seats, and the partisan balance of the Ohio Supreme Court are at stake in the 2022 elections. Ohio’s primary election, scheduled for May 3, is the first electoral contest under new congressional and legislative maps following the completion of the apportionment process. Legislative work will likely wrap up in early June when the chambers will recess and shift focus to the campaign trail and the November general election.

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